Several Considerations to Conduct Working during Pandemic

Working during pandemic has its own challenges, especially after many countries undergo lockdown to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Working from home or remote working now becomes the option to make the companies keep running while also taking care of the heatlh needs of the employees. Although working from home currently becomes the best practice … Read more

3 Essential Parts of Cultural Due Diligence Process

There are at least two types of due diligence, the traditional one and the cultural one. Instead of conducting the traditional due diligence, the cultural one is much more recommended, especially in M&A. It is crucial to understand the complete cultural due diligence process. Cultural due diligence is extremely important since M&A is an organizational … Read more

Considering the Market Condition before Starting Business in ASEAN during COVID-19 Crisis

Business in ASEAN is one of the regions that is highly affected by covid-19 pandemic. Although several countries begin to recover in early 2021, there are still many uncertainties related to the economic outlook. This can be a problem for those who plan to expand business in Southeast Asia regions.  The growth of economic outlook … Read more

Preparation Before Doing Business in Brunei Successfully

ASEAN has a country with the smallest population but has per capita income that is the second highest in ASEAN, the country is called Brunei. Many businessmen are now looking for details about doing business in Brunei. Before entering the market, there are things you need to know first. Understanding market overview, market challenges, market … Read more

Important Factors in Choosing a Logistics Company Philippines

Business in the logistics industry is currently one of the main developments focuses, because there are so many e-commerce companies that require logistics services to meet their needs. One of them is to complete the needs of the logistics company Philippines to carry out trade processes globally. Finding a good and standard-compliant logistics partner is … Read more