Beat the Demon and Get the Prizes in Anime Claw Machine

Demon Slayer Claw Machine

Often played in arcades, claw machines recently support online playing since it is already available as an application. It is known to be an anime claw machine because it offers a real-life gaming experience. Besides, it comes with exclusive prizes as the main attraction. It is none other than the official anime merchandise. This claw … Read more

The Inevitable Transformation of B2B Online Asia

B2B Online Asia

The covid-19 pandemic has posed economic challenges to many countries and caused the B2B sales in Southeast Asia to decline. Border restrictions make the Asian B2B companies unable to perform their usual sales approach and force them to adopt B2B online Asia strategy. Covid-19 Impact in Southeast Asia Many Southeast Asian countries need to face … Read more

UAE Financial Market: A Unique Market That Allows Investors to Trade Locally and Globally

UAE Financial Market

The United Arab Emirates is a unique country due to the Islamic principles and sharia laws applied by the country. As a result, some investors are questioning the legality of security exchanges in the UAE. Trading is legal in UAE and investors may trade financial securities and commodities at the UAE financial market. The financial … Read more

Market Research Bangladesh in Brief

Knowing what you are doing is the important key to success. For a multinational company who is working on providing goods for a certain country, a valid information about what their citizen habit and interest, will improve the company income significantly. Further, if your company try to have a successful market in Bangladesh, here is … Read more

5 Reasons to Enter and Compete in Asia Market Thai Restaurant

Asia Market Thai Restaurant

Restaurant business, like Asia market Thai restaurants still have an opportunity to grow in the middle of economic fluctuation. Business expansion is affected by the population structure that is changing such as smaller households, changing lifestyle of the consumer, and also urban expansion. Increasing tourists is also boosting the growth of restaurants. Unfortunately, business competition … Read more