Play Pokemon Claw Machine and Win 8 Exclusive Pokemon Prizes

Pokemon claw machine offers you with a special opportunity to win an authentic Japanese Pokemon gifts. Every Pokemon lovers should try this game because all the prizes you received when winning the game are all exclusive. It means you will never find the same items or buy them anywhere else.

Not just coming with incredibly made in Japan prizes, this Pokemon claw game is truly nice to play. It offers win-win solution for players so they becomes addicted to play the game. Even beginners can play this game easily anytime they want.

8 Pokemon Claw Machine Prizes

Playing this game allows you to claim the official Pokemon prizes as low as $1 no matter where you are. Here are several Pokemon prizes that you can choose to win.

  • Eco Bag

Concerning to the less waste campaign, this game provides player with a Pokemon eco bag as one of its prize. You can choose this prize to help reducing plastic use.

  • Wrist Watch

Want to look trendier with Pokemon accessories? You can select a Pokemon colourful pop wrist watch. They come with an elegant design, different Pokemon characters and colors.

  • Big Towel

This game also offers daily item with Pokemon character as the prize including a die-cut 100 cm big towel. This item not only brings Pokemon characters but also comes with unique shape, 22 cm big plushie of Pokemon characters, and 9 cm plush of several Pokemon characters.

  • Plush Items

Plush items are popular prizes offered by this Pokemon claw game. There are several options to choose including mega big kabigon 42 cm plush cushion,

  • Face Pouch

There are also face pouches in different Pokemon characters to help you keep small things.

  • Flip Calendar

Pokemon flip calendar is another interesting merchandise you can win because it helps your daily activities remain organized.

  • Slippers

Go everywhere more comfortable by choosing Pikachu plush slippers. Besides of the soft material used, these slippers come with cute Pikachu face.

  • Storage Box

You can win Pokemon storage box Eevee to declutter things at home.

Win the Game for the Prizes

All the prizes offered by this game are not for sale as the developer has an exclusive contract with the anime series. The only thing you need to do is win the claw machine so that you can own those rare items.

Pokemon claw machine comes with easy and fun gameplay but also exclusive prizes to win. Once you get the prizes, you can add rare figurines to your Pokemon collections.

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