Bangkok Consumer Spending and How The Government Affects

Understanding the inflation outlook of Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, will help you see the forecast of Bangkok consumer spending in 2022. Then you can decide whether this country is the right destination to expand your business. Inflationary pressures were rising during 2021, not only in Thailand but also in many countries around the world. … Read more

Dubai Construction Challenge Before and After Covid

Construction of the UAE handled the pandemic in a great way. However, the Dubai construction challenge remains and needs to be faced. The UAE’s construction sites kept being extremely busy through the pandemic’ worth’ phase in 2020.  Construction is an industry that has gone through the ups and downs during the last five years. If … Read more

Vietnam Consumer Finance Supports Country’s Economy

Most countries around the world face a downturn during covid19 pandemic. However, Vietnam shows economic resilience in the midst of covid19 pandemic. Vietnam consumer finance is relatively stable since most citizens support domestic consumption that increases the economic growth in this country.  Apparently, the role of government in determining successful strategy to maintain the economy’s … Read more

An Overview of Life Healthcare Abu Dhabi

In the past years, Abu Dhabi had to deal with a few infectious diseases. However, the life healthcare Abu Dhabi sector quickly implements various measures to protect the population against prevalent diseases.  On the preventive side, the government of Abu Dhabi has reached 100% coverage of urban as well as rural areas’ sanitation and clean … Read more

Construction Business Philippines and Its Opportunity

The pandemic hit all nations around the world, including the Philippines. After the attack of the pandemic, the construction business Philippines is now expected to grow again in 2021. This industry is expected to grow at the annual average rage which is 8.3% until 2024. Before the pandemic, the construction industry in the Philippines was … Read more

A Glance of Malaysia Technology Trends and the Opportunity They Offer

As one of the emerging economies in Southeast Asia, Malaysia is a great technology investment destination. The tech industry in this country has been growing rapidly for the last several years. However, companies must be aware of the new Malaysia technology trends in order to thrive. The covid-19 pandemic has transformed Malaysia consumer trends, behavior, … Read more

Post Covid Business Opportunity Southeast Asia to Accelerate Economic Recovery

Covid-19 definitely has affected business and national economies in countries around the world. When the corona case decreases, most of countries in the world, especially Southeast Asian countries start to rise. People start to seek post covid business opportunity Southeast Asia. Each country in Southeast Asia realizes that without covid-19 vaccine it seems impossible to … Read more