The Latest Indonesia Technology Trends Spark New Opportunities

The covid-19 pandemic in Indonesia has caused various alterations to the country and the people living in it. One of the effects of these alterations is the transformation of Indonesia technology trends. These trends spark new opportunities for investors who want to enter the tech industry in this region.

Entering Indonesia’s tech industry in the post-covid era must be done with careful considerations. Investors must not only understand the tech industry trends, but also the Indonesia consumer trends. Consequently, they can make a profitable investment plan.

Consumer Trends in Indonesia in 2021

Indonesian consumer behavior and trends have changed in the last few years since the pandemic hit the country. The biggest change is the amount of hygiene and health product spending. 

According to a survey, over half of the Indonesian population spends more money on vitamins and other health products in order to maintain their health during the pandemic. In addition, over 80% of the population is willing to spend more on hand sanitizer and other hygiene products.

Based on research, there is a notable increase of e-commerce shopping activity during the pandemic in Indonesia. People in this country also prefer ordering food via food delivery service rather than dining in restaurants.

Since the covid-19 pandemic prevents Indonesians from travelling and going on holiday, they try to make their home more comfortable by equipping it with digital home entertainment. And to pay for their shopping and digital entertainment service, they rely more on e-wallet, m-banking, and, even, fintech.

Indonesia Technology Trends 

Changes of Indonesian consumer trends, indeed, affect the trends in the technology industry in the region. It is predicted that investment on digital technology will continue to rise. 

The alteration of consumer habits in the way they shop and purchase their products cause more and more companies to invest more funds on digital technology. Research predicted that by 2023, over 50% of ICT investment will go to digital transformation.

One of Indonesia technology trends is the booming of cyber security. E-commerce companies, e-wallet companies, and fintech companies need high quality cyber security. In addition, companies in general that try to conduct a digital transformation also need it.

Cyber security itself is an essential foundation for the digital transformation. Therefore, this technology will likely boom for several years ahead. Aside from the trends above, it is estimated that the need for AI-based technology and the number of digital applications will increase rapidly.

Creating a Profitable Investment Plan with the Help of Market Research Firm

Based on the transformation of consumer behavior and technology trends above, investors will have opportunities in gaining profits from the investment in e-commerce, cyber security, ICT, fintech, and e-wallet companies and other companies that are in the process of digitization.

To seize this investment opportunity effectively, investors who want to enter the tech industry in Indonesia had better contact an Indonesian market research agency. This agency will help investors in creating an effective investment plan.

The trends in the digital technology industry in Indonesia have changed during the covid-19 wave. Therefore, tech investors and business owners need to adjust their strategy in order to gain profits from their investment.

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