Free Claw Machine App with Soft Toy Prizes

The App Store and Google Play Store are providing so many games for those who have smartphones. Many of those games are online and available for free. One of the free online games is the free claw machine app. You can find this game on Play Store and the App Store.

The game has the same look as the original claw machine you see at shopping malls and amusement parks. But this online version comes with more fun. Both games, the offline and online versions, are providing real prizes to win. What can you win from playing this game?

Win Soft Toys from Online Claw Machines

The most famous prizes people win from a free claw machine app are soft toys. But soft toys aren’t the only thing you can get from the game. This game also offers toys, anime figures, electronics, and some food as prizes for all winners of the game.

However, if you are going to get something for your girl or you are a female gamer trying to win cute things, soft toys will be the greatest prize. Below are three soft toys you should get by winning the online crane game.

Bunny plushies from the free claw machine app

Girls love soft toys and the online crane game developer understands it. There are three bunny plushies you can choose to win before you start playing the game. Each bunny plush is 27 cm tall. One of them has a soft blue color and another one has a white color. Both of them are holding a seashell.

The last one has a navy blue color and not holding any seashells. But this cute bunny is wearing a bow on its head. The original price of each plush is $20.

Snoopy cushions

This free claw machine app also offers two Snoopy cushions as the prize. One of them have white in color and the other one has ivory in color. Those cushions have big in size and will make you feel comfortable when hugging them or holding them.

Cute yellow pillow

The last soft toy to win after getting those other soft toys is a yellow soft pillow. It is a premium pillow with an original size is $15. You can win this cute yellow pillow for free if you still have the premium ticket. If you don’t have the premium ticket anymore, you should spend $1 for each play.

Ready to win those soft toys? Then you need to start downloading the free claw machine app. Make sure that you keep playing until you get all the soft toys from the game developer.

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