3 Types of BPO Call Centers from Inbound Category

Different types of BPO call centers are available so that companies or businesses can choose the right service for their business. The main purpose of BPO call centers is to help your business provide

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a more efficient operation. BPO call center is going to improve your ability to get new customers.

Employees of BPO call centers are going to make direct calls both to potential and existing customers to increase sales. BPO call centers will also provide services that will help existing customers who experience problems with any service or product from your company.

Inbound Types of BPO Call Center

BPO call centers usually offer various services. Also, different types of call centers will work better for various responsibilities. Many categories of BPO call centers are available and it is essential to understand each type’s strength so that you’ll know which type is the right one for your business.

  • Order processors

The inbound BPO call center is going to receive calls coming into your business. This service is mostly provided to help existing customers with services or products and also to help new customers who want to make a purchase.

After getting a call from a client, GBA Call Center Solution is going to carry out some tasks. For example, the call center is going to explain available purchase options, collect payment information, and record order information.

  • Dispatch service providers

Dispatch agents of BPO call centers are going to handle calls from your customers, especially from the ones who request a business’s service. For example, a taxi company is going to receive dispatch calls that come from clients who want to book a taxi.

The GBA Call Center Solution agent is going to receive the dispatch call and then notify the taxi driver to fulfill the service.

  • Help desk support providers

When existing customers experience any problem with your service or product, a BPO call center agent is going to offer the right solutions. The agent will help customers who know what is wrong with the service or product. And then, the agent is going to look for the best solution to fix the issue.

If the call center agent cannot find the best solution, the agent is going to call in the service request to help fix the problem.


The three different types of BPO call centers are parts of the inbound call center category. Make sure that your business chooses the right call center type so that every customer will stay happy using services or products from your company.

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