Explore Toy Story Claw Machine and Feel the Joy

Can you play an online game at home and get the prize you won delivered to you? Sure you can, if you choose to play Toy Story claw machine.

If you used to play claw machines at the mall or game center, you can now play this fun game online on your beloved smartphone.

Everyone knows you can’t live without your smartphone. Why don’t you use it to play something that brings real happiness? The online claw machine you play at home will give you dozens of real prizes if you can win the game.

The Fantastic Toy Story Claw Machine

Various prizes can be won by playing a Japan claw machine. There are numerous Pokémon prizes and the other prizes you can get. If you love Pixar characters, you can also win various Pixar characters by playing this game online.

Pixar was acquired by Disney in 2006. It has various characters you can find in the movies such as Finding Nemo, Toy Story, The Incredibles, Wall-E, Brave, Up, Inside Out, and Ratatouille. If you really love those characters, you’ll do your best to get the figures you desire, don’t you?

One excellent way to complete your collection is by playing a Japan claw machine. How can you play and win the Toy Story figures through the Pixar claw machine? Here are the steps:

  • You must first get the app

Open your Google Play Store where you can type and search Japan Claw Machine ( JCM ) – Real Crane Game. Tap the download button to install this game on your android device. Run the app to start playing the game.

  • Select the desired prize to win

Just like the offline claw machine, you can target the prize you want to win. If you want Jessie as your prize, you must select it first.

  • Choose how you want to play

If you still have the premium tickets that allow you to play for free, use them. But if you have no more tickets, you’ll need to pay a dollar for each game. Use every chance seriously and do your best to get the prize you really want to complete your collection.

  • Wait for your prize to come to you

If you don’t win the prize, take another chance to play and win. But if you win the Jessie figure or the other figures, the Japan claw machine is going to ship the item you won to your home via EMS or DHL. All you have to do right now is just waiting for the prize to arrive.

The Jessie figure, and the other figures offered as prizes in this game, is limited edition prizes. You can get them only by playing Toy Story claw machine.

Jessie figure, for example, is actually a 25 dollar figure but you can have it for only a dollar if you do your best to win her when playing the claw crane.

Disney lovers can also choose the other figures to win such as Monsters, Inc. figures, Mickey Mouse prizes, and many other options. Check out the app now and try to find and get your favorite character.

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