Beat the Demon and Get the Prizes in Anime Claw Machine

Often played in arcades, claw machines recently support online playing since it is already available as an application. It is known to be an anime claw machine because it offers a real-life gaming experience. Besides, it comes with exclusive prizes as the main attraction. It is none other than the official anime merchandise.

This claw machine is not only a perfect option for game maniacs but also manga lovers. It is because this game partnered with many famous Japanese franchises and series to present those great characters in the game. Those characters are available as prizes in the game too, so be ready to collect them. 

What is Anime Presented in the Claw Machine?

By working with Kimetsu No Yaiba, this game comes with specific figures that dominate the game inspired by the manga series Battle of the Demon.

  • It offers a wide variety of unique characters from the franchise. Players can win these characters to fight with the most dangerous demon in the game. 
  • Getting these characters is pretty simple because the players only need to be focused while moving the claw. Then, they need to target the prize precisely toward the preferred items in order to get the anime figures. 
  • This claw machine app comes with different figures from the franchise both the main and supporting characters. It includes Kamado Tanjiro, Zenitsu Agatsuma, Nezuko Tanjiro, and many others. 
  • The gameplay presents the story of the Tanjiro family who helps one of its members to turn back into a human and take revenge on the demon who has killed the Tanjiro family. That’s the reason why people also call this game a demon slayer claw machine

Other Things of Anime Claw Machine that Attract People

People are interested in playing this claw machine because it presents the story of a famous Japanese anime. Over thousands of new characters released each week making the game less boring. This game is perfect for those who like battles because the main characters in the game are described to fight with the demon. 

Besides the famous yet limited-edition figures from Kimetsu No Yaiba, there are still many interesting prizes which players can get when they win the game. It comes in the form of key chains, pillows, purses, stuffed animals, lunch sets, and so on. Players have unlimited chances to collect these fun prizes. 

Once players win the games and successfully collect the prizes, they will be shipped globally from Japan either using DHL or EMS. Recently, players from more than 60 different countries worldwide have received prizes from the game. It shows that people who get the prizes are not limited by the shipping destinations.

To get the unique characters of the franchise from this game, players only need to spend $1 to play the game and win them. The chance of winning the game is even bigger with five premium tickets that allow players to play five different machines freely. 

Becoming the winner in the anime claw machine now is completely easy as it comes with a user-friendly experience. Even people who never play with this claw machine before can learn faster and master this game in a short time. 

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