Come and Have Fun Playing Dragon Ball Z Claw Machine Singapore

Collecting anime merchandise, such as Dragon Ball Z merchandise, is fun. The challenges of looking for rare collections can make your life more colorful. To make this hunt more exciting, you can play Dragon Ball Z claw machine.

Some claw machines in Singapore have Dragon Ball Z prizes that are worth collecting. If you can win these prizes, your current collection will be more valuable. To play a Dragon Ball claw machine, it is not necessary for you to visit Singaporean arcades since it is also available online.

What is an Online Dragon Ball Z Claw Machine?

The Dragon Ball claw machine is almost similar to the ones in the arcade since it is provided by an amusement arcade. This online game has a connection to a Dragon Ball claw machine located in that arcade.

The users of this game control the claw machine via the app buttons and a live video of this machine. Moreover, this online game will give your real Dragon Ball Z prizes if you win. This way, users can enjoy a similar experience to that of playing a real claw machine.

Real Prizes from Online Dragon Ball Claw Machine

Collectors of Dragon Ball Z merchandise will have big chances of winning various Dragon Ball items from this online claw machine. You can win Dragon Ball Z figures, playing cards, and others. The figures are available in many Dragon Ball characters, such as Son Gohan, Son Goku, and Bulma.

Those Dragon Ball Z figures are also available in different costumes so that you can collect Son Goku, Son Gohan, and other characters in various choices of actions and models. So far, more than 10 million prizes have been sent to the users of this online game. 

How to Play the Online Claw Machine

The mechanism of playing the online Dragon Ball Z claw machine is very simple. First, you need to choose the prizes you want to have. Next, play the claw machine. The operation of the control buttons is almost similar to the real claw machine.

Therefore, if you ever played a claw machine in one of the Singaporean amusement arcades, you will have no problems in playing this online game. This claw machine app is compatible with Android mobile phones and iPhone so that you can download it on one of these devices.

Benefits Playing this Online Game

The online Dragon Ball claw machine offers more benefits than the conventional Dragon Ball claw machine. You can play the former anytime you want and from anywhere you are. Therefore, it is more convenient and more comfortable to play.

The best benefit of playing this game is that you can get limited edition merchandise of Dragon Ball Z. Most of the prizes from this game are only available in limited edition and difficult to find in the local stores. Therefore, you’ll get rare merchandise that will make your Dragon Ball Z collection more valuable.

Download this online game now and get its benefits. It is important to note that in order to play one game you must pay a buck. However, this price is very small compared to the price of the merchandise.

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