3 Planning and Monitoring Tools and Resources for Cattle Investors

Cattle investors can use different tools and resources for cattle investors. Those tools have different purposes and will help you succeed in this cattle or farming business. Resources like software programs will help producers of crops and livestock make much better decisions related to financial management.

Different types of tools can help producers and investors. Monitoring tools, planning tools, and other types of tools are designed to help investors make the best plan related to the business and monitor everything much more easily. On this page, you’ll find some helpful tools to help with the cattle business.

Tools and Resources for Cattle Investors

As an investor, you need to monitor how the cattle business operates and how it will give you profit. Different monitoring tools are available. Investors also need to use planning tools. Those planning tools are going to let you plan things much more easily. Below are examples of tools for cattle investors.

  1. Cow-Calf Operations Software

Known as CALPROF, this cow-calf operations software is one of some different monitoring tools. Inside this operations software program, you’ll find a feed mill module and feedlot module. Those who will invest in cattle​ need to use this very unique software program.

The program will assist cattle breeding enterprises that are already established. The goal is to monitor the herd performance. Use this software program with some other programs like the ones you’re about to see below.

  1. Cow-Calf Operations Recording Spreadsheet

This cow-calf operations recording spreadsheet or CALPROS is a planning tool. This program is a monitoring spreadsheet designed and developed to support cattle breeding enterprises in small to medium sizes. The goal of this program is to monitor the herd performance.

  1. Cow-Calf Operations Financial Model

Another planning tool is this cow-calf operations financial model or CALFIN. This one is a financial spreadsheet for those who will invest in cattle​. The goal of this program is to help investors of cattle breeding with financial modeling and planning.

With this awesome program, investors of cattle breeding who are going to invest in Indonesia will be able to figure out some alternative investment strategies. By using this planning tool along with some other tools above, you will be able to succeed in investing in cattle in another country like Indonesia.

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