Consumer Characteristics Call Center Europe Should Learn

Online businesses must have reliable and experienced call center Europe agents. Europe is a huge market for e-commerce businesses because people in this continent love to buy things online. If you are trying to understand the e-commerce industry in Europe, check online consumer behavior.

At the beginning of the pandemic, about 297 million consumers in Europe shopped online and spent about 465 billion euros by shopping on different e-commerce platforms. During lockdowns, about 96% of European consumers shopped online. What else online businesses should know about Europe?

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How Call Center Europe Agents Cope With Europe Consumers

Consumers in Europe still love spending their money online during the pandemic. Now that Covid-19 has slowed down, they still want to purchase everything online. What makes European customers more unique than customers in other continents is they are very total in shopping online.

  • Shop cross border

European consumers love to buy products online because of some reasons. One of those reasons is online shopping allows them to get products from outside Europe. A study in 2021 shows that half of European online shoppers purchase goods across borders.

Research also shows that Europeans are willing to spend 5% of their precious spending on online subscriptions. This means they may contact call center Europe agents more often than consumers from other continents. Call center agents must be ready to face consumers from different countries.

  • Sustainability is crucial

European consumers now become more aware of sustainability. Research that was published in 2022 shows that more than 50% of European shoppers are okay to wait longer for products if those products come from sustainable online shops.

Right now, consumers in Europe start considering that environment more often when they are shopping for fashion and groceries. However, call center Europe agents for sustainable companies may expect calls from customers who need more explanation about eco-friendly products, companies, and delivery.

  • Buy everything online

More than 8,529 consumers from the Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, and the United Kingdom are still shopping for products online. European online shoppers place their orders online 1.9 times per month.

If consumers have been checking some online stores but leave the stores without making a purchase, the most common reason is the pricey shipping cost. They never complain about call centers.

Call center Europe must really understand consumer behavior in Europe. People in many countries in Europe are now willing to shop across borders which means they need a call center agent who can speak their tongue. Your call center agent must know how to talk to them properly.

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