3 Cool Collectible Pokémon Claw Machine Merchandises

Cute monsters from Pokémon make many people around the world fall in love with them. Those people are willing to get any app to play any Pokémon game. One of the best Pokémon games is the online collectible Pokémon claw machine game.

Why does this game become the best one for all Pokémon lovers around the world? This Pokémon game is very special since it will give you Pokémon merchandise if you can win the game. How to play this extraordinary game? Just like when you play the classic claw machine near your location.

Original Collectible Pokémon Claw Machine from Japan

Since 1996, Pokémon has been very famous. This Japan franchise came from Japan and now everyone from more than 60 countries can get Pokémon stuff by playing the online claw machine. Hundreds of pocket monsters are waiting for you to collect them all.

Below is some cute stuff from the Pokémon claw machine game you can get if you can pass all challenges in this online claw machine game.

  • Eco Bag

One of many exclusive prizes from this online Pokémon claw machine game is the eco bag. Ten eco bags are waiting for you to win the game. Since these bags are exclusive, the only way to collect those ten bags is by playing the online claw machine game.

Each of the eco bags has one pocket monster. For example, the brown one has Eevee Pokémon and the yellow one has Pikachu Pokémon. Keep playing and you’ll have the chance to get all ten eco bags from this online claw machine game.

  • Big plushies

Another exclusive prize you can get by winning the online claw machine game is the big-sized plush toys. The size of those plush toys is 22 cm. Three plush toys are available, they are Minccino, Lapras, and Clefairy. Those soft colors make them look totally cute and sweet.

Just like eco bags, these big plushies are exclusive and there’s no way you can get any of them without playing the online Pokémon claw machine game. After collecting all the eco bags, play again to win all the plush toys from the same claw machine game.

  • Storage box

If you really love Eevee, then you need to choose an Eevee storage box as the prize before playing the online claw machine game. This amazing storage box is 50 cm tall and has a cute Eevee character on it.

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