Play Pokemon Claw Machine Online United Kingdom and Win Pokemon Collectibles

When it comes to Pokemon collectibles, there are just so many to collect. Want to get them in a more exciting way? Try Pokemon claw machine online United Kingdom. Using the app, you can play claw machines and win various Pokemon collectibles many of which you can’t find elsewhere.

About the Pokemon Claw Machine Online United Kingdom

It is an online claw machine app that lets you play claw machine games remotely and in real-time. The claw machines are located in Japan, while the players can be from around the world.

The player controls the claw machine through their device. If they win the prize, they can get it shipped to their door from Japan via DHL or EMS.

So far, the Pokemon claw machine online app has been downloaded 31+ million times with over 10 million prizes have been won. On average, about 1,000 players are playing the game every day.

What Prizes Can You Win?

There are over 2,000 prize items you can win. From Pikachu plush slippers, a big Kabigon plush cushion, Pikachu daily flip calendar, Eeve storage box, to authentic figures of various characters from Pokemon.

That’s not all. Clawtopia has exclusive merchandising contracts with many series, including Pokemon. You can win exclusive Pokemon merchandises that you won’t find elsewhere. To win them, you must play the claw machines.

How to Play

  1. Choose any Pokemon collectibles or other prizes that you want to win.
  2. There are 5 claw machine games to choose from: Bridge Style, Ping-Pong Ball, Treasure Hunt, Hang & Hook & Shake, and Bounded Machine.
  3. Win the game and claim your prize. When you win, claim your prize and get it shipped to your door from Japan via DHL or EMS.

Download Now and Get Premium Tickets

Want to try playing Pokemon Claw Machine Online United Kingdom but unsure of spending any money yet? No problem. The app rewards new players with 5 premium tickets.

Each premium ticket allows you to play any claw machine you want for free. If you win a game while using a premium ticket, that means you win the prize for free.

Note that the premium tickets are limited-time offers. So if you want to win your favorite Pokemon collectible, download the app and take advantage of the tickets while you still can. You might not get the opportunity again.

Playing claw machines is exciting. Even more so if you can select the prize and win exclusive Pokemon collectibles. So, what are you waiting for? Play the Pokemon claw machine online now and catch them all.

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