Come and Catch Great Prizes from the Real Prize Claw Machine App Canada

A number of mobile gamers in Canada are addicted to a particular claw machine app. This mobile app is different from many claw crane games in the application stores because it offers more advantages for the gamers. If you want to try this game too, you must download the real prize claw machine app Canada.

As its name suggests, this particular claw machine app is real in terms of the claw machine and the prizes. It is why this game is not similar to the simulation claw machine app you find abundantly in the application store.

Real Prize Claw Machine Gaming App Review 

Based on the users’ review of this real prize claw machine gaming app, this game is better than other claw machine games. The app is connected with a real arcade claw machine located somewhere so that users have a real gaming experience when playing this game. 

This app has 5 different claw machines. Those machines offer exciting and yet different challenges. Gamers can play any machine they like and have fun. In general, these machines are easy to play.

Another thing they like about this app is that it truly gives real prizes. Many of them have received their prizes within days after they win the game.

To play each claw machine in the app, you need to have game tickets. Without these tickets, you will have no chances to win real prizes. However, this app offers unlimited free practice games. You can play it for free as many times as you want, but no prizes to win.

Game Ticket Price of the Real Prize Claw Machine App Canada

How much does the game ticket cost? It cost only a buck. Some of you may think that it is too expensive. However, the price of this game ticket is actually really worth it. With only a buck, you have a chance to win a claw machine prize that costs at least 5 bucks.

Some of the prizes available in this game are expensive. If you are lucky, you can win a prize that costs 40 bucks. And the best thing about it is that the app allows you to choose the prizes you want to win.

Real Prize Choices

The real prize claw machine app Canada offers wide choices of prizes. Gamers are free to choose the prize they want to claw and win.

This app has soft toys in various sizes under the category of soft toys. You can also choose small electronic devices, such as wireless earphones and mini USB charging boxes. Other prizes you can win are remote control cars, cup noodles, snacks, and anime figurines.

How to Play

The first thing you must do in playing the claw machine of this app is choosing the prize you want to claw. Next, you must control the claw machine. If you are able to catch the prize, then you must get it shipped to your address.The real prize claw machine app currently has a special offer for new users. Those who install it for the first time will get 5 free game tickets. Don’t forget to download this claw machine app before the app runs out of free game tickets.

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