Clawtopia: The Real Claw Machine App

There are many online claw machines available. One of them is Clawtopia. This app is a platform to play the claw machine to get authentic merchandise from Japan. There are many action figures that gamers can choose to win this game.

Playing this game is fun and thrilling at the same time. When you lose the game, you lose the token you have bought. If you win this game, you can get an expensive figure or merchandise and wait for it to be sent to your home. Here is further information about this app.

What is Clawtopia?

If you open the Clawtopia website, you will see that this app is an online claw machine. The developer only provides Japanese merchandise at a very high price because it is authentic. The gamers can win this game only with a token if they are lucky enough.

The Claw Machine

This game platform has five different claw machines. The gamers can choose the type according to their preference. It has many prizes as well, but mostly they are action figures or authentic merchandise from anime. They are all available on the phone.


If you have no idea about a claw machine, you can try free play first. The free play is for practicing your skills while playing this game before you finally play the game with the token. The demo is unlimited and you can be a champion if you are an expert already with this game.

International shipping

When you win the game and get the merchandise you choose from the claw machine, you can get the prize because the provider will send the prize to you. International shipping is available, such as EMS and DHL. The gamers just wait at home until the shipping service delivers the prize.

Special Offer from Clawtopia

The special offer that this platform has and other platforms do not is the authentic figures. The figures are originally from Japan and they are the original from the right creator. The merchandises from Clawtopia are expensive if you buy it directly from Japan.

If you are a new gamer, you can have five-span premium tickets. They are available for overseas gamers as well. You don’t have to buy a token to play the claw machine. If you are lucky, you can get at least one piece of merchandise. If not, maybe from all five tickets.

The Clawtopia is an online game machine to get the best prize, especially action figures. Since the game is from Japan, the action figures are authentic. The gamers can afford the collection only from a $1 token to play.

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