Pokémon Claw Machine Online with Cute Prizes

If you are a true fan of Pokémon, you will play the Pokémon claw machine online and try to win all Pokémon merchandise offered by the game. Only by playing this game, you will get limited edition and exclusive Pokémon prizes from Japan. The prizes will come to your front door.

There are so many Pokémon prizes you can win from the game. Tissue covers, plush toys, keychains, storage boxes, and many other prizes are waiting for you to win them all. Interested in winning all of those prizes? Then you need to play the online crane game now and win the prizes below.

Win A Unique Chimp Plush Toy

If you love monkeys and chimps, you need to choose Chimchar as the first prize to win the online Pokémon claw machine game. Chimchar is a fire chimp Pokémon that produces gas in its belly. The gas will fuel its rear end. Its tail is a fire that nothing can extinguish.

The online Pokémon crane game allows you to win a Chimchar plush toy. This cute plush toy has the same fiery rear end in red that looks similar to fire. After winning the game and getting this Chimchar plush toy as your prize, place it on your bed and let it decorate your room.

Get A Pouch from Pokémon Claw Machine Online

Bulbasaur is Pokémon number one. What is unique about this Pokémon is that it is inspired by a seed. Bulbasaur is a grass and poison Pokémon. This cute Pokémon can evolve and become Ivysaur and Venusaur. However, Bulbasaur before evolution had a super cute appearance.

One exclusive prize you can win from playing the Pokémon claw machine game is the Bulbasaur plush mini pouch. It has the cute face of a Bulbasaur and is equipped with a zipper. You can use this exclusive prize from Japan to store your coins or lipstick.

Gain Gengar Plush Toy from The Game

If you are collecting Pokémon plush toys to beautify your interior, choose Gengar plush toy before you start playing the online crane game. This plush toy is inspired by the ghost and poison Pokémon number 94. The plush toy of Gengar looks so cute with its soft purple color, white teeth, and red eyes.

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