Discover All the Fun in Online Disney Character Claw Machine

Among several options of games, claw machines, also known as claw cranes, have been one of the most popular arcade games.

A Japanese arcade developer, Japan Claw Machine (JCM), successfully launched game-changing innovations in the gaming world: bringing claw machines to life.

With the claw machine app, you can win real prizes from playing the game on your phone, whenever and wherever you want to.

As one of the leading companies in the arcade industry, JCM has the privilege of merchandising contracts with the Walt Disney Company and Pixar Animation Studios.

Established since 1923, Disney has become one of the most powerful entertainment companies, creating a lot of influential characters for the world to see.

Teamed up with Pixar, Disney is able to create movies that are loved by many. JCM, partnered with Disney and Pixar, offers exclusive official merchandise that you will not get anywhere else.

The figurines available ranging from characters of Monsters Inc., Donald Duck, Toy Story, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Duffy the Bear, and some Disney princesses.

Mickey Mouse Claw Machine

With over 1,000 new items arriving every week, players will have countless choices of characters in the claw machine.

To claim these exclusive Disney and Pixar characters, players will only have to pay $1 for each game played. Every new user that downloads the Japan Claw Machine app will get five premium tickets that let you play games on any Disney machine for free.

The app itself is developed with a simple user interface and gives a clear guidance on the game instruction.

Start the magic of Disney by selecting prizes that catch your eye and experience the claw machine by pressing the button, then start moving the claw to grab the prize.

If you manage to win and get the prize, the items will be shipped, directly from Japan. Without any limitations on shopping destinations, Japan Claw Machine offers global shipping, to over 60 countries.

Other than character figures, JCM also has Disney dolls, plushies, and toys to claim from the game. Moreover, goods such as lunch sets, bath towels, and pillow cushions are available on JCM. 

You can also get other collectible figurines, for example Demon Slayer, Dragon Ball, One Piece, Pokemon, and other anime character figures. 

Do not waste your time any longer. Simply download the app on App Store or Google Play, and embrace the magic of Disney and start collecting your Disney characters!

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