2 Cool Things from Exclusive Online Claw Machine in Canada

Some people play games for fun while others play games to get rewards. Many online games will give you rewards but this exclusive online claw machine in Canada allows you to win real rewards. Many figurines, collectibles and useful stuff can be earned by playing and winning the online crane game.

This unique claw machine game is called Clawtopia. It offers snacks, toys, anime figurines, and soft toys as rewards. Those real rewards will be shipped from Japan to your home in Canada if you win the online claw machine game. Check out the best prizes you can get and start playing this online game.

Best Prizes from The Exclusive Online Claw Machine in Canada

What makes this online claw machine game more unique than other similar games is the special prizes you can choose before playing the game. You won’t randomly get prizes you don’t like. Instead, you’ll be motivated to win the game knowing that you’ll get something you want most.

If you don’t want figurines, Japanese snacks, or toys, then you need to choose these two prizes as your reward before the game starts.

  • Waterproof Camera

This online claw machine win real prizes allows you to choose a waterproof camera complete with its stand arm as the reward for the game. This limited-edition prize comes in four color options: pink, white, yellow, and blue. The original price of this waterproof camera is USD30.

If you’re a new player, use the premium ticket you granted after creating a new account. That premium ticket will let you play the online claw machine game for free. This means you can win this waterproof camera for free as your reward with the premium ticket.

  • Wireless Earphone

Another useful thing you can win from playing the online claw machine win real prizes is this wireless earphone. Just like the previous one, this one is also a limited-edition prize that will be shipped to your home in Canada directly from Japan.

The original price of this wireless earphone is USD40. However, you will be able to get the prize by playing USD1 per game. Do your best and get the wireless earphone only by playing the claw machine game once. Thus, there’s no need to spend more than a dollar to get this wireless earphone.


Get this exclusive online claw machine in Canada and play the game to win waterproof cameras and wireless earphones. Once you get those things, keep playing and explore other unique prizes from this online claw machine game.

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