4 Ways to Teach Kids by Using Demon Slayer Tanjiro Claw Machine

Kids are now spending more time at home and hold their device all the time. As a loving parent, you may want to give them something playful but safe. If so, then your kids would love spending their time with this Demon Slayer Tanjiro claw machine game. What is it?

This is a crane game produced by Japan Claw Machine. Japan Claw Machine itself has provided various crane games that allow its players to get Dragon Ball figures, Pokémon figures, Disney figures, and One Piece figures as the prizes. Now players can win the Kimetsu no Yaiba or the Demon Slayer figures.

Why Playing Demon Slayer Tanjiro Claw Machine

As a parent you may be wondering if the game is safe for your kids or not. The answer is totally yes. Google Play Store and App Store are offering numerous similar games like this one. Yet, Japan Claw Machine is the right option for your kids. Why so?

  • Teach your kids to be careful

Japan Claw Machine is teaching your kids to spend their tickets carefully. Each prize has a price. If your kid really wants to get the prize, he must play carefully and not waste the premium tickets. There will be only 5 premium tickets your kid can use to get the prize for free.

  • Show your kids what patience is

After playing the online game and winning the Demon Slayer prize he desires, he must wait until his favorite prize is being shipped by Japan Claw Machine to him. You may want to teach him to stop playing and see if the prize really comes to your house. It will help him not to get addicted to games.

  • Help your children to work to get what they want

It is not that easy to get anything we want in this world. Teach your kid about it by playing this Demon Slayer Tanjiro Claw Machine. Your kid may want all the prizes shown by this crane game. But he needs to do his best to really win the exclusive and original figures.

  • Make your kids understand how to spend

After he spends all his premium tickets, he needs to spend a dollar to win every single prize. This app is going to help your kids know that he must spend his pocket money carefully. If he is wise enough, he’ll spend each dollar to get a pricey prize. Use this game to teach him how to spend his cash.

The Japan Claw Machine game can be downloaded for free on both iOS device and android device. Instead of letting your kids play random games, this game is much better. There are so many lessons you can teach your little ones with one single game. What are you waiting for then?

However, you may want to sit next to your kids when they are playing the game in order to control their spending. Don’t let them spend the entire savings to try winning the entire prizes. Teach them to target only the ones they want the most and get them instead of trying to get everything at once.

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