Claw Game Machine Types and Prizes

The amusement arcade provides choices of game machines for its visitors. Among these game machines, the claw machine is very popular.

Arcade visitors like the claw game machine because it looks attractive with its bright and eye-catching design and colorful prizes.

The visitors are not only attracted by the design and prizes of this game, but they are also attracted by the interesting gameplay.

The challenges provided by this game machine have made them play this arcade game repeatedly.

Claw Game Machine Types

The claw machine has been around since the 1930s. At that time, it was more of a candy dispenser than a game machine. Its gamers would win candy prizes when they operated this machine.

This claw game machine then developed into the today claw machine with its modern technology. Now, you can find many types of claw machines with different gameplay systems.

  1. Up and Across Control System

This particular gameplay system is popular in Europe and Asia. It has 2 control buttons. One of them is for moving the claw forward and the other is for moving the claw sideways.

Gamers can only press each button once. When they release the last button, the claw will drop. This type of claw machine has been popular since the 1960s.

  1. Joystick Control System

A claw machine with joystick control is perfect for beginners. This machine has a joystick to control the claw in all directions. It also has a button whose function is for deploying the claw.

  1. Challenging Dropping Area 

Aside from how gamers control the claw, claw machines also have different challenges on their dropping areas. Some claw machines ask the gamers to drop the prizes between iron bars. Meanwhile, others ask them to drop the prizes to a colored hole or between rubber bands.

Claw Machine Prizes

The development of the claw game machine also resulted in more choices of prizes. Decades ago, gamers could only win candies, dolls, and stuffed animals when they won the game.

Demon Slayer Claw Machine

Today, they can win various prizes, especially if they play the online claw machine.

  1. Figurines

The figurine is one of the most popular claw machine prizes. Gamers can claw figurines of various characters, e.g. One Piece, Toy Story, Dragon Ball, and Frozen, when playing this arcade game.

The figurines are generally packaged in boxes. According to some reviews, clawing these boxes is challenging, but fun.

  1. Electronics

These days, claw machine gamers have chances to win small electronic devices because online claw machines offer this type of prize.

Some examples of these electronic devices are wireless earphones, hair dryers, and power banks.

  1. Foods

The edible prizes in the modern claw machines are not limited to candies only. Gamers can also win chips, biscuits, cup noodles, and other snacks when playing this game.

  1. Toys

Claw machines offer various toys for its winners. Some of them are squishy, toy cars, whack-a-mole, and slime.

  1. Miscellaneous Goods

Gamers who want to get functional prizes from this game can choose miscellaneous goods to win. Bags, pillows, towels, mugs, tumblers, and watches are some of the prizes they can win.

The claw machine game is becoming more and more modern. It has developed from a candy dispenser into a modern and attractive game machine.

Now, you can even play an online claw machine that offers real prizes.

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