Challenges and Solutions of Digital Insights In Philippine Logistics And Supply Chain

Shortages of essential goods are usually the major result of the limited supply chain. This means the country’s capacity to transport or produce goods is insufficient and cannot meet the high demand. Digital insights in Philippine logistics and supply chain let you see what should be done.

With the coronavirus gripping the country, its supply chain becomes more stressed to efficiently move and produce goods freely for all consumers.

Best Solution for Challenges in Logistics and Supply Chains

At the end of the crisis, full automation will be the best solution for the problem experienced by the Philippines.

  • Challenges in Digital Insights In Philippine Logistics And Supply Chain

In one aspect, the Philippines government is urged to enhance the capabilities of IT in fast-tracking the clearances, even if the shipments are in larger volumes. The downtime of the BOC (Bureau of Customs) existing online system is increasing the processing time.

For example, sea freight clearance may take more than ten days from the normal two to five days. And air freight may reach three days from one day. The other Asian countries encountered logistical issues such as the Philippines because those countries are fully automated.

  • Digital Insights In Philippine Logistics And Supply Chain

To make the supply chain and logistics process much more efficient, the Philippines’ supply chain association can accelerate its digital transformation. It is important to use technology that will help move goods efficiently after the pandemic.

Some parts of the digital solution include the government, all stakeholders of the supply chain, and NGOs. They have to come together and then launch a specific e-commerce platform that is going secure the food supply chain that is already strained.

  • Platforms for Supply Chain and Logistics

Two existing platforms are helping farmers secure their income amid the coronavirus, they are Farmer Connect and Gulay ng Bayan. An environment that is fully automated in digital insights in Philippine logistics and supply chain is essential to improve transparency across all processes.

A platform is necessary for all logistics problems that are reported and accounted for. The Philippines needs an official organization that is responsible to manage the country’s supply chain as public and private sectors are now scrambling in optimizing the performance of logistics in responding to the virus.

The only thing that can help solve the situation and also improve the sustainability of business I the performance of logistics. Learn more about the latest digital insights in Philippine logistics and supply chain before entering the market.


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