2 Hardest Modes of Claw Machine Game Online Canada

claw machine game online Canada

Do you think you’re an expert in claw machine games? Then you must get this claw machine game online Canada and start playing immediately. The game is super fun and amazing. It offers extraordinary prizes for winners around the world. However, it is not that easy to win those cool prizes from the game maker. … Read more

Tips Playing on Claw Machine App

We might be familiar with a claw machine in the arcade. The machine is a big tube with many toys in it. There is a claw to move and take on toy from it and it becomes the price for the gamer. However, nowadays we know the claw machine app where the gamers do not … Read more

Clawtopia: The Real Claw Machine App

There are many online claw machines available. One of them is Clawtopia. This app is a platform to play the claw machine to get authentic merchandise from Japan. There are many action figures that gamers can choose to win this game. Playing this game is fun and thrilling at the same time. When you lose … Read more

Win the Claw Machine Game Online to Get Exclusive Prizes

Who knows that you can challenge your arcade skill today from your phone? Claw machine game online offers you with the atmosphere of arcade by providing various claw machines to play. Even you can get the real prizes when winning the game. Just download it either through Google Playstore or App Store and you can … Read more

Pokémon Claw Machine Online with Cute Prizes

Pokemon Game

If you are a true fan of Pokémon, you will play the Pokémon claw machine online and try to win all Pokémon merchandise offered by the game. Only by playing this game, you will get limited edition and exclusive Pokémon prizes from Japan. The prizes will come to your front door. There are so many … Read more

Demon Slayer Mini Game with Limited Edition Prizes


Mini-games will always entertain us. Many mini-games are designed to be played offline while the others require you to play them online. Some mini-games allow you to get rewards. The Demon Slayer mini game even allows you to get some real prizes. This mini-game is inspired by a manga series from Japan called Kimetsu no … Read more