2 Best Options for Investment in Asia Countries

Planning to invest in Asia? Before you start, you need to know the best countries for investment in Asia countries. Every country in Asia is offering awesome opportunities for investors from around the world. You research each country and find the right opportunity for your business.

Here you will see the countries in Asia that are offering different opportunities. By understanding which country is the right one for you, you will find the right Asia investment strategy and enter the market you desire successfully where you grow your business.

Best Way to Start Investment in Asia Countries

All countries in Asia are offering investment opportunities. But the biggest ones are these two countries. In 2020, these two were the chosen ones. You will see why both Vietnam and Philippines are the best countries you must consider to start investing in.

  • Vietnam

Why Vietnam while China used to be the center of investment in Asia? Big multinational corporations such as Samsung relocated from China to Vietnam. They are lured by the tariff breaks and cheaper costs. Besides, Vietnam has a strategic location, next to the giant country, China.

Also, Vietnam has lots of seaports that ease everyone in relocating the supply lines to Vietnam. With almost a hundred million people in this country, the middle class in Vietnam is now rising quickly. For more than two decades Vietnam didn’t experience recession.

However, though the stocks can be your wise bet in this country, investors can own property in Vietnam only on the leasehold basis. The options you have in Vietnam are more limited than elsewhere. That’s why you need to study about Asia growth strategy in other countries.

  • Philippines

The Philippines is similar to Vietnam. Both countries are big markets with high growth. The Philippines has ninety million people living in the country and middle class that is surging, just like Vietnam. But unlike Vietnam, investors can own the real estate in this country on a freehold basis.

However, foreign investors cannot own land directly. Foreign investors are also restricted to the condominium units. Philippines peso, unlike Vietnam’s currency, is one of top performing currencies in Asia. A year term deposit can yield more than 6% annually.

Philippines banks become an increasingly popular option for investors who are looking for yield in order to store a little bit of their spare cash. The Philippines is a better country compared to other countries in Asia such as India and Vietnam. Don’t hesitate to start your Asia investment here.

When you are thinking about some other countries in Asia to invest in, consider some factors such as the demographic trends that are strong, lower correlation with the global markets, bright future opportunity that the country has, and numerous drivers for the internal growth.Don’t pick a random country for investment in Asia countries without studying the opportunities offered by the country and the risk you will get. Learn the government term about foreign investors and make sure you can invest in the country you choose safely and comfortably.

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