5 Pokemon Eco Bags from Playing Pokemon Claw Machine

Because of the Japan Claw Machine you can now play your favorite crane game at home and win the real prize. For Pokemon trainers who love collecting Pokemon stuff, there is a Pokemon claw machine that will give you the real Pokemon prizes to win.

Pokemon is known as a Japanese anime. Pokemon trainers are those who catch Pokemon using Pokeball and train those monsters. If you have catched a lot of Pokemon stuff but you still want more, you need to play the Japan Claw Machine. It gives you all the Pokemon stuff you desire.

Pokemon Prizes for Japan Claw Machine Players

Japan Claw Machine offers various Pokemon prizes for the winners of the player. Players are allowed to choose the prize to win from the beginning of the game. Some Pokemon prizes you can choose to win are the Pokemon eco bag. There are 11 variations of the Pokemon eco bag available.

1. Gengar eco bag

Gengar is a ghost and poison type Pokemon. It was just a Gasty that evolved into Haunter and finally evolved into Gengar. It has dark color, red eyes, and white teeth. The eco bag comes with a Ganger face on it and soft purple background color. This will be wonderful stuff for your Pokemon collection.

2. Mew eco bag

Mew is a unique Pokemon that has very short, fine, and delicate hair. Its gender is unknown since it is a new species. Mew is a psychic Pokemon that has a pale pink color. The Mew eco bag comes in pink color and a Mew on the front part of the bag. Get this eco bag by playing the Pokemon claw machine.

3. Sobble eco bag

Sobble is a water lizard, that’s why it has blue color. Sobble is a water type Pokemon that can evolve to Drizzile and Inteleon. The Japan Claw Machine is offering a blue colored eco bag that has a Sobble face on it. The blue color of the bag will complete your other eco bag collections.

4. Grookey eco bag

If you have won the entire eco bags above, you should not stop playing the game since there are many more bags waiting for you to win them all. One of the bags is the green one that has the face of Grookey on it. Grookey is a grass type Pokemon that can be a Thwackey and a Rillaboom.

Get the green colored eco bag with Grookey smiling face to complete all your Pokemon eco bag collection.

5. Scorbunny eco bag

Scorbunny is a rabbit category. It is a fire type Pokemon. It has white body with some orange color on its ears, toes, neck, and eyes. Scorbunny can evolve to a Raboot and then a Cinderace. The Scorbunny eco bag has an orange color with white Scorbunny photo on it.If you have already collected the other Pokemon eco bags from the Japan Claw Machine, you better get this one too since it will complete your incredible collections. Keep playing the Pokemon claw machine until you win all the Pokemon prizes you get.

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