3 Prizes from The Japanese Pokemon Claw Machine

Whether you are a Pokemon trainer or just a Pokemon collector, you better know that there is a fun game called Pokemon claw machine. This game is from Japan Claw Machine and it will give you so many Pokemon stuff as prizes. You are going to be one of the best collectors by playing this game.

Japan Claw Machine offers so many prizes for its players. Some of those prizes are for Pokemon fans who want to complete their Pokemon collection. Get the game from Play Store or App Store. Then you can play the game anytime and anywhere you are.

Pokemon Prizes for Japan Claw Machine Players

Japan Claw Machine prepares some awesome exclusive prizes you can get only by playing the game. Those prizes cannot be purchased anywhere else. So if you really want to collect all the Pokemon stuff, make sure you play this game and win the entire Pokemon prizes available.

1. Axew plush toy

Axew is a dragon Pokemon. When it evolves, it can be a Fraxure and then become a Haxorus, both are dragon Pokemon as well. It has green color and it has tusks they use to crush some hard berries. By crushing berries, Axew will know how strong it is.

The exclusive 9 cm Axew plush toy prepared by Japan Claw Machine is an original Pokemon soft toy from Japan. You can play this online crane game at home in Singapore and wait for Japan Claw Machine to ship this awesome exclusive toy to your home via EMS or DHL.

2. Eevee storage box

The Pokemon claw machine will also give you an Eevee storage box. Eevee is a normal type Pokemon that will evolve to water Pokemon, electric Pokemon, psychic Pokemon, fire Pokemon, grass Pokemon, dark Pokemon, fairy Pokemon, and ice Pokemon. But the Eevee storage box won’t evolve.

This storage box is a 50 cm storage box that has Eevee’s smiling face and Eevee’s pattern on the body of the storage box. This box can accommodate anything you want to store in it. Japan Claw Machine offers this box for Pokemon fans and allows them to get this box for free by playing with premium tickets.

3. Big Pokemon towel

If you are one of the true Pokemon fans, you’ll love this cute Pokemon Towel provided by Japan Claw Machine as a prize for you. The towel is a hundred cm long and its original price is USD 20. On the towel there will be five Pokemon smiling happily at you.

There’s Pikachu the electric Pokemon, Scorbunny the fire Pokemon, Sobble the water Pokemon, Grookey the grass Pokemon, and Yamper the electric Pokemon. Can you imagine having five different Pokemon in one stuff? This will be a nice thing to complete your collection.

Many other prizes are available for you in the Pokemon claw machine from Japan Claw Machine. Those prizes can be won for free if you still have the premium tickets to play. If you don’t have any premium ticket, each play only requires USD 1. Get all the Pokemon prizes now!

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