3 Plus Toys Pokemon Claw Machine Win

All Pokemon trainers in real life want to get many Pokemon figurines, not to train them, but to complete their collection. There is an easy way to get many Pokemon figures: Pokemon claw machine win. If you win the game, you’ll get Pokemon prizes delivered to your home in the United Kingdom.

Japan Claw Machine provided some crane games with Pokemon characters as prizes. Some prizes are just too cute to be ignored while some other prizes are functional. The only way to get those prizes is winning the online crane game from your Android smartphone or iPhone device.

Unique and Original Pokemon Gifts from Japan

So many exclusive and limited edition Pokemon characters are offered as prizes in the Japan Claw Machine online game. Most of them are plush toys. What plush toys can you get by playing and winning the online crane game? Here are some exclusive toys you can get from Japan Claw Machine.

Squirtle plush toy

If you love the Water Pokemon more than the other Pokemon types, you should play the crane game now and try to get a Squirtle plush toy. Squirtle’s original name is Zenigame. Starting at the level 16, Squirtle can evolve to a Wartortle and to a Blastoise.

However, the Squirtle plush toy you get by winning the Japan Claw Machine won’t evolve. It will remain in its original size, 9 cm long. The Squirtle plush toy is one of JCM exclusive prizes you cannot buy. But you can spend USD 1 for each play to get this cute Squirtle toy.

Eevee plush toy

Another prize you will get in Pokemon claw machine win is Eevee plush toy. Eevee is a Normal type Pokemon, it looks cute with brown color. When it evolves, Eevee can be a Vaporeon that has blue color and a mermaid-like tail. It can also be a Jolteon with yellow color and a little white around the neck.

Eevee can also be a Flareon which is a Fire Pokemon, Espeon the Psychic Pokemon, Umbreon the Dark Pokemon, Leafeon the Grass Pokemon, Glaceon the Ice Pokemon, and Sylveon the Fairy Pokemon. Play the claw machine to get the 9 cm original Eevee plush toy.

Piplup plush toy

Piplup is a penguin Pokemon that is included in the water type Pokemon. Piplup is unique because it doesn’t like to listen to the trainer. It may be hard to get this Pokemon and train it. But you can get a Piplup plush toy easily simply by playing and winning the Japan Claw Machine game.

When Piplup evolves, it can be a Prinplup the water Pokemon and an Empoleon the steel and water Pokemon. If you really want to complete your water Pokemon collection, you better get the Japan Claw Machine, install it on your phone, and play Pokemon claw machine win.

All the Pokemon plush toys above are exclusive toys from Japan. But since you live in the United Kingdom, Japan Claw Machine will ship the prize you won via EMS or DHL to your front door.

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