2 Hardest Modes of Claw Machine Game Online Canada

Do you think you’re an expert in claw machine games? Then you must get this claw machine game online Canada and start playing immediately. The game is super fun and amazing. It offers extraordinary prizes for winners around the world.

However, it is not that easy to win those cool prizes from the game maker. There will be many modes of the game you need to conquer. Those modes come with different levels of difficulty. If you believe that you’re the master of the claw machine game, get this game right now.

Cool Game with Fantastic Game Modes

Those who claim themselves are masters in claw machines need to download this claw machine game online Canada. The game comes with several unique modes you can never find on the classic version. Sure you will find the classic mode as well in this game, but you should try the other modes.

Five game modes are available and they are going to entertain you anytime you need something to refresh. Below are some examples of the cool game modes in the online claw machine game from Japan.

Ping Pong claw machine game online Canada

In this claw machine game mode, there will be the prize you desire on the corner of the box. And then there will be a bowl or yellow ping pong balls on another corner. Your task will be using the claw to grab the ping pong balls and drop them to the black plate at the end of the chute.

The black plate has a yellow hole and you need to drop the yellow ball in the yellow hole. If you can conquer this and drop the ball on the right hole, you will get the prize. The game maker is going to use DHL or EMS to ship that prize to your home in Canada.

Treasure Hunt claw machine game mode

This claw machine game online Canada also has a harder game mode. It involves yellow chains with a black chain at the end. One of the chains connects to the prize you desire. If you want to get the prize you want, you need to claw the right chain.


There are three other game modes in this claw machine game online Canada. But the hardest ones are the ping pong ball and the treasure hunt modes. Fortunately, this online claw machine game allows you to practice before you start the game and win all your favorite prizes.

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